F. Lennox Campello
Photo Biography

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Photographs will be continuously added as they are scanned.

my Dad in the 50s
My father (he's the sailor driving the jeep) at Guantanamo
Naval Base in the 1950s

me at age 2
Age 2, Azabache on wrist chain

me at age 3
Age 3, Azabache on neck chain

me in 1969
Brooklyn, New York, 1972

me in 1973
Brooklyn, New York, 1973

My mom in 1970s
My mother, Brooklyn, 1970s

me in Mexico, 1975
My parents and I in Mexico City, 1975

me in 1974
US Navy 3rd Class Petty Officer, 1975

1977 Fiat X19
My first car: a 1977 Fiat X/19

me at lake
Art School Student, Washington state, 1978

In Amsterdam, 1983
Rembrandt's Night March, Amsterdam, 1983

In Amsterdam, 1983
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, 1983

In Beirut, 1983
US Navy Lieutenant (Junior Grade), Beirut, 1983

In Spain, 1984
Alhambra, Granada, Spain 1984

In Royal Navy, 1989
Royal Navy Lieutenant, near Arctic Circle, 1989

Vanessa and Elise Campello in Scotland
My daughters Vanessa and Elise, Scotland 1990

In Scotland 1991
Preparing an etching plate, Brechin, Scotland, 1991

XO of NSGA Skaggs Island
The XO of NSGA Skaggs Island, California, 1993

In California, 1997
In California, 1997

Isle of Lewis, 2000
Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, 2000

Vanessa Campello
My daughter Vanessa (she lives in California), 2001

Callum playing the bag pipes
My son Callum playing the pipes, 2002

My daughter Elise Campello, 2003
My daughter Elise (she lives near Seattle), 2003

My daughter Elise Campello, 2003
My daughter Elise in the Bethesda Gallery, 2003

Campello, Jan 2004
And me January 2004

Campello, May 2004
And me May 2004

My house
My former house in Potomac, MD (moved in 2006)

Callum Jack Fraser Sharp
Callum with Pipes (April 2005)

Campello with long hair
Me with long hair (July 2005)

Campello and Daughters
Me with my two daughters (August 2005)

Lennox and Alida
Me with my Alida

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