"Sanctus Guevarus - Castrum Canis"
By F. Lennox Campello

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The story and explanation (and many more images as well as the video playing inside the heart) behind this video drawing piece can be read online here.
The article on the issues raised by this work at the 2011 Miami International Art Fair can be read online here.

original video drawing by Campello
"Sanctus Guevarus Castrum Canis"
Charcoal and Conte, Electronic Components and Video Loop, c. 2010
27.5 x 27 inches inches matted and framed to 32.5 x 32 inches

Available artwork can be acquired through the various galleries representing the artist. For location, price and availability of artwork, please contact the artist by sending an email at lenny@lennycampello.com and he will put you in touch with the appropriate gallery.

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